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Hajj Guide:

SABA has published a comprehensive Hajj Guide for new and returning pilgrims containing

  • Mecca and Medina Ziyarat Details
  • Islamic rulings (Ahkaams)
  • Supplications (Duaas)
  • Brief Philosophy
  • Hajj Maps
  • English to Arabic Phrases

We would like to thank all the authors, editors and reviewers for their efforts. SABA is also very much thankful to the scholars, authors and translators of the numerous books which were used for the inspiration, creation and collection of the guide. Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

Download Hajj Guide (12 MB)

Manasik of Hajj Books:   (Hajj Rulings in Detail)

Manasik of Hajj in Brief by Ayatullah al-Uzma Khamenei
Manasik of Hajj by Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Hussaini Sistani

Books on Philosophy of Hajj and its Spiritual Meanings

1. HajjThe Islamic Pilgrimage
By Syed Mohammad Zia Abidi

Download      Read Online

2. Secrets of the Hajj
by Ayatullah al Hajj ash Shaykh Husain Mazaheri, translated
By Saleem Bhimji.

Download      Read Online

3. Hajj authored
By Dr. Ali Shariati, translated by Ali A. Behzadnia, M.D. and Najla Denny.

Download      Read Online

4. Lantern of the Path
By Fadlullah Haeri translation of the original Arabic text titled “Misbah al-shariyah wa Miftah al-Haqiqah.

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Sunset5:57 pm
Maghrib6:13 pm
Isha7:08 pm
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