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Thanks for your interest and trust. The following info is provided to familiarize you about our services. Our purpose is to provide brotherly/sisterly voluntary service to meet this dire need of the community. We are trying to promote the following:

  • 1) Advice to the youths/teenagers about the importance of leading a good and happy married life by following Islamic teachings.
  • 2) "Match-making" (Arranged Introduction) assistance.

  • The process for "match-making" which in reality is an effort for making "arranged introduction" takes the following simple steps:

    • The first step is to get registered by filling out the SABA profile form and send the form and a picture to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
    • We will try our best to find the candidate according to the criteria mentioned in your Profile form.
    • When a candidate of opposite sex or parents show interest in knowing more about you, we disclose name and contact info of the parties.
    • This procedure of revealing the identity at the appropriate time to interested persons only opens the channel of communication between two seemingly matching candidates for obtaining additional information about themselves and their families.
    • We expect the candidates/parents to provide us their updated info such as engagement, marriage, graduation, promotion etc to help keep us current and updated.
    • If a candidate/parents does not respond promptly when we inform them about a seemingly matching candidate's intention to know more about him/her, we consider that candidate is not active in search.

    For our mutual benefit, please spread the word about this service to your friends and relatives. In addition, we realize that a good networking in different communities in various cities of USA and Canada is essential in meeting this dire need of the Community.

    Also, please be cognizant that Allah (SWT) and 14 Masoomeen (SA) have stressed in looking for religious / religiously inclined spouse and marriage at an early age to avoid sins and wrongdoing. In order to meet these requirements refraining from self-imposed and restrictive spouse selection restrictions, specially too much emphasis on physical features, would be helpful.

    To help you study the authentic and pertinent information and make the right decision, Review the FAQ for some relevant and useful material.

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    Whoever wants to be a leader should educate himself before educating others. Before preaching to others he should first practice himself. Whoever educates himself and improves his own morals is superior to the man who tries to teach and train others. -Imam Ali (AS), Nahjul Balagha
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