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Please drive carefully and slowly as you come into the parking lot. Often there are children playing in the lot before and after the school hours. Expect the unpredictability of children's movements. Ask your children to be alert to incoming cars. Also advise your children to stay well within the SABA center boundaries. For their safety, please ask your children to wait for you inside the building, preferably the school dining area. Do NOT allow them to wait for you outside. Sunday school strongly discourages it. Saba or the school staff is not responsible for children waiting outside the building.

Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Parents are strongly requested to participate in the weekly assembly (beginning 10:45 AM) as well as salaat. Parents are required to attend the first assembly of the school year where rules and regulations of the School will be explained.

Other responsibilities:
  • Ensure that your children bring their books, paper, pencils, and other required material to class.
  • Punctuality and good attendance is required. Your children will only learn if you are serious about School and the first step to being serious is attending school on time. In the case of an unavoidable absence, contact your child’s teachers beforehand to obtain the necessary lessons and homework.
  • Please pick up your children promptly at 2:00 pm. Volunteers are not responsible for your children after this time. Late pick up fee will be charge after 2:20 pm
  • Assist your students with their homework, exams, and other school activities. The primary responsibility for the Islamic education of children lies with the parents. SAB can only be effective if you actively participate in your child’s Islamic learning experience at home. Regularly check with your students to see what handouts and homework they were given and whether that homework has been completed.

Progress Reporting to Parents

Report cards are issued only at the end of the year. There are two tests to check student progress, a midterm and a final. Some teachers may give additional quizzes or tests. The teachers will inform students of upcoming tests. Parents should stay in regular contact with the teacher so that there are not any surprises at the end of the year.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

One meeting takes place after midterms. However, parent/teacher meetings can also be scheduled individually at the request of parent or teacher.

Interruptions by Parents

Please do not walk or look into your child's class after it is in session. If you need to consult with the teacher, please schedule a meeting before or after school hours. We strongly discourage conversations in the hallways while school is in session. The sound of conversation becomes too noisy for a classroom atmosphere. Parents are welcome to wait for their children in the assembly hall or the library. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Parents as Volunteers

We encourage parental assistance in all areas of our school: monitoring the hallways, classroom substituting, field trips, fundraisers, picnic etc. Please contact Sr. Samina Ali or Sister Urooj Kazmi if you want to become a volunteer.

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