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Sunday School Announcements

1. Sunday School Tardiness
Some Students are coming to Sunday School late and without books. Please send books with your children and note that 3 tardies will result in a fine.

2. Important Dates

1. Final exams May 15th. Review sheets went home in the last 2 weeks.

2. Holiday May 22nd for 15th Shabaan

3. ERROR on school and Saba calendar: May 29th is a holiday. There is NO Sunday school.

4. Year end ceremony: June 5th. Parents and students please come to get your report cards and recognize students and teachers! Students get report cards in class then join parents in the Main Hall.

3. Sunday School's Lunch
Please sign up for your turn to sponsor Sunday school lunch. Parents are required to come in on the day of their lunch at 1:15 pm for set up, serving, and clean-up. Or they can pay $25 each to have someone take care of this.

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