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Saba Youth is going to spearhead an effort that will be titled Saba Outreach Program. This of course will be available to all Saba Members. The goals of the program will be to advertise about and encourage participation in various volunteer opportunities in our community: serving at soup kitchens, visiting senior centers, visiting sick patients in hospitals, planting trees, collecting clothes and supplies for various people in need, food drives, etc. As we all know, we need to be active in our community especially in this great time of need. This is good for the youth and for everyone. The idea is to get Islam in Motion!

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Prayer Times

San Jose Area
Imsaak4:02 AM
Fajr4:17 AM
Sunrise5:51 AM
Zuhr1:05 PM
Sunset8:19 PM
Maghrib8:41 PM
Midnight1:05 AM
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Hadith of the Week

The record of the activities of everyone is closed after his death and thereafter he does not receive any reward or punishment except in three cases: The first one is the 'alms recurring benefits' (useful works) which he leaves behind himself and another is a good habit which he leaves as his remembrance and the third one is a dutiful child who prays for his deliverance (and if he has committed any sin his child makes amends for it. -Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS), Bihar al-Anwar
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